VimWordpress - A New Plugin For Vim to Write Wordpress and Typecho

VimWordpress is new Plugin for using vim to write blog, it's simple and powerful.

Why VimWordrpess

I used vimpress before, and modify it to support Typecho. But when I swift my os from Windows 7 to Unbuntu, I found that Vim8 is not support Python2 by default, even though I can compile it by myself, but it's time to drop Python2! So I find this useful plugin - MrPeterLee/VimWordpress

Support Typecho

If you used the plugin directly, it would echo many errors when the server is Typecho. Some change should be made, open the file


position to line 329

and delete or annotate the code as follow

# assert self.demo_api.sayHello() == "Hello!", \
#             "XMLRPC Error with communication with '%s'@'%s'" % \
#             (username, blog_url)

Hello Vim & Typecho

This post is writen by Vim and VimWordpress :-)