Using vimpress to write blog(support slug and 'More')

Long time ago, I used vs code to write my blog, because it support markdwon syntax and can view the post immediately. Recently, I found vs code is not so useful, and sometimes, it is so slowly when start. So I switch to Vim, and use Vim to write posts.

How to ?

Here we need a very old Vim plugin : PotHix/Vimpress: Post to your Wordpress blog using Vim, but it still works well. The plugin only support catagory and tag, if you want to custome slug and more tag, you can use this one : Vimpress 0.9 plus.


Edit the vimpress plus's blog.vim file, and config your site info

blog_username = 'xxxx'
blog_password = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxx'
blog_url = 'you xmlrpc url'

Use it

Use the command :BlogNew to write a new post, :BlogList to view you your posts, :BlogSend to post your new blog. This is the most common use command that i used. And you can try other command such as :BlogSave,:BlogOpen

Enjoy it

This blog is posted by Vim :-)