Information Superhighway

Hello,everyone, it's my turn to give the presentation. First of all I want to say sorry to you. For some reason,I can't give the presentation in the last class. So I thank all of you for giving me the opportunity to sit here and talk about something.


OK, come back to the main point. Today, my topic is Information Superhighway. I think most of you have known about it more or less. Now I will provide detailed information about it in 3 aspects:the concept ,structure and the influence of the Information Superhighway.

First of all, let's see the concept of the Information Superhighway. The first time that "Information Superhighway" come to the world is in February 1992, when the president George Bush spoke in State of the Union Message.In 1993,the America government announced that the America would put a new plan named National Information Infrastructure into practice. And they thought that according to it coulf promote the national Communication industry development and bring many other benefits.Of course, this NLL is today's Information Superhighway. Nowadays, not only the America but also most countries have their own Information Superhighway. OK ,I want to ask a question:as we all know there are two bush in the American history, do you know which one he is ?the old one or the young one? The answer is the old one.

Let's go on my presentation.let's see the structure of the Information Superhighway.The Hardware base of the Information Superhighway is the optical fiber. And the American government's purpose is let everyone can access the Internet through the optical fiber. And its second part is Information Resources, through the Information Superhighway, you can get almost anything on the Internet in a short time. And its third part is the Processing and Control System. Controling so many resources is not a simple task. So a stable and fast system is required. Of course the last part of the Information Superhighway is users. All the three parts that I have talked is designed for the users.

I have said lot about the Information Superhighway,but what can the Information Superhighway do? Let's see the Advantage of Information Superhighway,first is the speed. the Information Superhighway is millions times faster than current network transmission speed. Second is the capacity,Information Superhighway channel can transmit about 500 TV channel or 50 million phone at one time. The third is the the information form. The Information Superhighway can transmit different kinds of information.such as the music the video and so on. The last is that internet users can transmit all kinds of multimedia information to each other in any time, at any place.

Then let's see the influence of the Information Superhighway.

change people's life, work and mutual communication way accelerate scientific and technological exchanges improve the quality and efficiency enjoy the entertainment,remote medical care, education hold video conference,shop online

I think most of you want to know if our country have our own Information Superhighway. The answer is YES ! Our Information Superhighway is carried out in the Tenth National Five-Year Plan. And it have its own name :3T NET. the 3T NET has been being built from 2008. I think many years later maybe we can use the 3T NET to surf the internet.

Maybe someone will ask that:where is the Information Superhighway? I just take two examples: the first one is the 3G, and the second one is the IPAD, all the two things is taken by the Information Superhighway, maybe you don't know it,but you are using it! That's all of my presentation,thank you!